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Classic Cars, Hot Rods, Kustom Culture Lifestyles

Retro Kitten Apparel is lucky enough to be based in Pismo Beach, California, one of the Central Coast’s most beautiful vacation spots and home of The Classic Annual Car Show. Since the early 1980’s, Just Cruzin’ Productions presents one of California’s largest, most reputable, car shows in the nation – The Classic. This 3-day event is traditionally held on Father’s Day weekend, but it’s more than just a great day for dad with hundreds of vendors, local shopping, wineries, and, of course, the beach! Families come from all over to see over 1,000 Hot Rods and Show Cars. With spectator’s reaching approximately 175,000 parking is limited, but the event is always a hit.


For Retro Kitten Apparel (RKA), The Classic is a week of entertainment watching the coolest cars rolling into town, and the most unique, vintage-themed characters who drive them. Being located just 4 blocks from the beach, we bring out the lawn chairs during twilight and enjoy the atmosphere of the Kustom Kulture lifestyle. RKA cater’s to these subculture connoisseurs who live for car shows and add a sense of nostalgia mixed with cartoonish horror to the event. Hot Rod’s and Pin-up girls go hand in hand in the Kustom Kulture lifestyle, a term coined in Southern California in the 1960’s by the people who built custom cars and motorcycles to describe artwork, vehicles, fashion, and hairstyles during the 1950’s.


In the 1950’s and 60’s, the scene greatly consisted of Greasers, Drag Racers, Skinheads, and Mods. These cats were visionaries, they were cool, and there was so much room for experimentation. Ed “Big Daddy” Roth is held in high regard as a pioneer in the Kustom Culture lifestyle. As one of the hot rod custom originators, Ed Roth was a custom car builder, pinstriper, artist, and cartoonist, and he is probably best known for inventing the hot-rod icon Rat Fink. Rat Fink was the anti-hero answer to Mickey Mouse with a big bulging belly, bloodshot eyes, and big yellow teeth. His character soon became the symbol of the Hot Rod and Kustom Kulture scene during the 50’s and 60’s.


Out of the 70’s, came Lowriders and Punks Rockers. As fashion and music evolved so did the cars becoming extremely inventive, and colorful. People who most likely would never walk side by side to gather together in the street were coming together with one common goal – cars! Rockabillys, Metaler’s and Scooterboys emerged in the 80’s, and sub-genres like Psychobillys came on the scene in the 90’s. All groups and subgroups contributed, customizing the lifestyle through art, music, movies, fashion, and, of course, cars.


Retro Kitten Apparel invites you to come on over to our second-hand store, and browse our wide array of Kustom Kulture clothing for the next big car show or event you are planning to attend. We have everything you need to get dressed up for such a special occasion for pennies on the dollar! Quality, hand-picked garments for your whole family. We are available 24/7 online at



About Retro Kitten Apparel

Retro Kitten Apparel is an online alternative second hand clothing store for lovers of everything Vintage, Rockabilly, Pinup, & Punk! We sell slightly used & new clothes, shoes, accessories, & housewares up to 75% off retail! This blog is for shopping at our super fun store, & for community purpose. We want to talk about cool clothes & radical sales, & also discuss issues that interest all of us like in our daily lifestyles, current affairs, important topics. Retro Kitten Apparel is available 24/7 for online shopping! Got a question? Give us a call @ 1-559-326-0130 between 10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. PST. Free shipping on orders $75 & up within the USA! Here's a few links to get you started: Lay-Away Dresses Seperates Vintage Undergarments Shoes Jewelry Accessories Sweaters & Jackets

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