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Retro Kitten Apparel Has A New URL Website Store

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There are many people leading alternative lifestyles, and many considerations to be made about what is an alternative lifestyle. In my opinion, an alternative lifestyle is a few alterations to the society you live in and what might be considered normal, or a mainstream point of view. An alternative lifestyle might be one’s cultural upbringing, or choice of traditions practiced and celebrations; nutritional choices, and the food you eat, or choose not to eat; sexual orientation and with whom you share your love; or appearance, the clothing you wear, or the way you decorate your body possibly with tattoos, or piercings (in many other areas of the body than the ear lobe). For some it is personal, freedom of choice, and for others it is something they feel they were born into, a calling in one form or another.

sondra fire dancing spinning 8-16-14 Oceano beach

By the way, the term lifestyle was coined by the media mixing life and art together, thus life-style. I find that pretty cool. A fairly common alteration to one’s style of life is by dress. It is a common way for people to express themselves, through the type of clothing they wear, and most of us wear clothes on a daily basis (not you nudists though). Therefore, it is a pretty easy way to represent your alternative lifestyle, and it can be pretty fun expressing freedom of choice through your own personal style of dress. It isn’t hard to point out some of the alternative people we share our cities with, as their lifestyle choices, represented by the clothing they adorn, has not been adopted by society’s mainstream, or what is considered “normal”.

The earliest influx of the alternative life-style I’ve read was during the roaring 20’s with the flapper “movement”. As a symbol of freedom from oppression women were cutting their skirts short and their hair shorter; leading lives aloof of the heavy restrictions preceding. The “old days” were gone! Women were driving, cussing, having sex before marriage, and, oh yes, dancing. Women everywhere were jumping in with both feet, this was modern America.


Now, while we still have society’s standardized “norm”, there are many people leading alternative lifestyles. Sub-culture is abundant in America, and I am proud to be a part of the alternative life-stylists.

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I have begun to compile a list of terms attached to styles of clothing, as this obviously fascinates me seeing as I own what I consider an alternative thrift store Retro Kitten Apparel. Please help me out by including any styles I may have left out. Please do not send any links as I will not open any links, and must search the style myself.




Crust Punk

Pogo Punk

Horror Punk

Steam Punk




Gothic or Goth

Emotional (Emo)




Steam Punk

Pin up






Heavy Metal




Fag Hag

Independent (Indie)



Bohemian (Boho)

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